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Meet The Crew

Maxime Tremblay

Sailing instructor, Captain and Co-Owner of Beyond Sailing. Maxime is a passionated sailor with extensive sailing experience in British Columbia Coastal waters. His passion for teaching and his dedicated care for his crew members as led to the will of opening his own business, Beyond Sailing. Originally from Chicoutimi, Qc, Maxime moved to British Columbia in 2017.

Captain & Instructor

Stephanie Racine

Registered Massage Therapist in Campbell River and Co-Owner of Beyond Sailing. Stephanie oversees the logistic, the bookkeeping, the marketing and much more. Stephanie moved to British Columbia from Victoriaville, Qc in 2018.

Logistic Coordinator & full time Sailor


Our dream Sailing Dog! Mao is 6.5 years old and is a Labrador-Samoyed mixed. Mao loves sailing mainly because he gets to sleep all day, and sailing trips also means he gets to explore new islands in BC.

Our Vessel Harmony

A Catalina 34 1988, Harmony is a successful, all-around design of 34 feet making it an ideal boat to learn on. The boat has two separate enclosed sleeping berths with a functional galley (kitchen) and dining area. The boat can comfortably welcome 4 to 6 adults at the same time.

Harmony in the Howe Sound
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