Sailing Excursions

Enjoy sailing in a fun and stress-free environment

Sailing excursions are a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones. Imagine feeling the sun on your face and the wind in your hair as you glide across the water, enjoying the beauty of nature all around you. With our sailing excursions, you will experience the joy of sailing in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. Our experienced captain will take you on a journey you won’t forget, as you take in the stunning views and maybe even spot some wildlife along the way. So why not join us for a day out on the water and create memories that will last a lifetime?

Half Day Sail

  • From 4hrs | $400

Full Day Sail

  • Between 8-10 hrs | $600


  • Minimum 2days | $999

*With this format, you book the Captain and the boat/ Prices are not per person.

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